3D Draftsman / Engineer


Our client is a global manufacturer of products that are used in the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, energy, steel processing, medical products, heavy equipment and related industries.

Creation of drawings and (diagrams (approval drawings, lay-out drawings, detail drawings, block diagrams, detail diagrams) with 3D software.
Creation of production orders, concept purchase orders and other documents and performing other administrative work to support the project execution.

- On time and "on quality" delivery of 3D drawings and diagrams.
- On time and "on quality" delivery of documents derived from drawings and diagrams in order to support the management, control and execution of related projects.

Performance indicators:
- On time delivery of referred documents.
- "On-quality" delivery of referred documents.
- Quantity of delivered work.
- Improvements of current designs and processes.

- "HBO" level Mechanical Engineering.

Knowledge & Skills:
- Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
- Well-developed sense and understanding of the requirements to use a 3D drafting system to full advantage.
- Highly skilled in operating/handling the 3D "Inventor" software.
- Good active knowledge of the English language as well in word as in writing.
- Minimum "intermediate" level in the German language.

- Experience as a draftsman in the world of mechanical constructions (structural steel, piping, machines).
- Experience in the use and application of 2D and 3D design software.

Personal qualities:
- Well self-organized.
- Affinity and discipline to handle and organize data in a well-organized software data security environment.
- Team player.
- Eager to improve personal social and technical level.

Key Competences:
- Customer Orientation
Investigate wishes and needs of customers (internal and external customers). Thinking and judging from this perspective triggers ones actions and activities.
- Result Orientation
Alignment of actions and decisions for, in a true sense, realization of set goals and envisioned results.
- Cooperating
Actively contributing to and cooperating in efforts to achieve comman goals, even if not a direct own interest is being served. Support and enhance communication between people.
- Quality Orientation
Pursuing high standards of own quality of own work and of that of others. Continuously striving for and implementing of improvements.
- Self-learning
Being receptive to new information. Consider, contemplate and process the new information and effectively use the information in the every-day work.
- Energy
Ability to be highly active during an extended period if needed to deliver the required quantity of work. Ability to work hard, having perseverance.
- Responsibility
Live up to agreements made with and commitments made towards others. Accept consequences of failure to do so and try to diminish or remove negative effects of such failure.

Our client offers a structural function, start date ASAP.

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